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Slaughter County Roller Vixens

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Kitsap Derby Brats

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Skate Club

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Wild West Showdown 2012

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Southern Illinois Kickball

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SIUC Intramural Sports

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Southern Illinois Paintball Association

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Your Bio

My name is Donnie Owsley and I am what most consider an" amateur" photographer since I do not do photography as a living or even a job. I shoot primarily for the joy of it and to help promote non/low profit organizations.

I primarily shoot sports photography. I take pictures for the SIUC Sport Clubs and SIUC Rec Center Intramural sports. For these groups its traditional sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Although I specialize in alternative and extreme sports. I have shot sports such as paintball, roller derby, and kickball. I have shot at several paint parks, for the Southern Illinois Roller Girls (the only roller derby team in southern Illinois), and SI Kickball (the only co-ed adult kickball league in southern Illinois).